Proceedings of an australian military court
of three japanese war criminals
for the murder by beheading
of the rev. leonard kentish


ON THE CHARGE:        
COMMITTING A WAR CRIME in that they at DOBO in the AROE ISLANDS on 5th February 1943 were, in violation of the laws and usages of war, together concerned in the unlawful killing of the Rev. LEONARD KENTISH, an Australian civilian internee, then held in the custody of the Japanese armed forces.


SAGEJIMA MANGAN former Lieutenant Imperial Japanese Navy.

HOYAMA KENZO former Petty Officer Imperial Japanese Navy.

KOHAMA SHOZUKE former Civilian Administrator attached Imperial Japanese Navy.

Book 106. Proceedings of an Aust Military Court of 3 Jap War Criminals for the Murder
by Beheading of Rev Leonard Kentish - 85 pages.
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