Convict & Pioneer Records of Australia
Volume three

 Assigned Convicts
Absconded Convicts
Runaway Convicts Apprehended
Certificates of Freedom
Certificates of Freedom - Port Phillip
Tickets of Leave - Cancelled
 Imports, NSW, 1833
Exports, NSW, 1833
 Pioneer Recipes
Pioneer Medicines
 Commander King's Commission
Instructions to Commissary by Governor King
Letters to & from Lt. Governor King & Governor Hunter
Despatches Governor King to England
 Despatches to London of Governor Bligh
Arrest of Governor Bligh
 Arrest of Matthew Flinders
 Depositions taken by Rev. Samuel Marsden
 Immigrant Ships to Port Phillip: 1839-1951
Immigrant Ships to Tasmania: 1832-1889
 Passenger Lists to Port Phillip
 Port Phillip Government Gazette
Unclaimed Victorian Mail

Book 6. Convict & Pioneer Records of Aust. Vol. 3. - 192 pages.
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