The Nepean River Valley (Penrith)

Its Floods, Its History, Its People


Many place names in the Penrith area date from the early settlement of the colony of New South Wales. Here are some:

AGNES BANKS Named after the farm granted in 1804 to Andrew Thompson, of Windsor, by Governor King.

BADGERY'S CREEK Named after James Badgery, who was granted land on the lower Nepean and then a considerable area on South Creek.

BERKSHIRE PARK Named after a grant of 320 acres made to Richard Rouse in 1838.

CAMBRIDGE PARK Portion of land grant of 1500 acres to P.P. King in 1831. The name seems to belong to a sub-division in the 1920's or 1930's.

CASTLEREAGH Named by Governor Macquarie in 1810 after Lord Castlereagh.

COLYTON Named after McCarthy's Farm, Cranebrook House. James McCarthy was granted land in 1804.

DUNHEVED Originally DUNHAVED, after the ancient name of the keep, or citadel, of Launceston in Cornwall, England. This is situated in an area of 660 acres originally granted to Philip G. King in 1806.

EMU PLAINS The whole of the area on the west side of the Nepean, named as early as 1808. The name originated with Capt. Watkin Tench, but in the form of EMU ISLAND. In 1814 Governor Macquarie referred to "Emu Plains - hitherto erroneously called Emu Island".

ERSKINE PARK The name of a grant to James Erskine of 3000 acres in 1818.

JAMISON TOWN Named after Thomas Jamison, who was granted 1000 acres in 1805.

KEMPS CREEK Named after Anthony Fern Kemp, who was granted land in this area.

KINGSWOOD Named after the King Family, who held grants of land in this area. Formerly known as CROSS ROADS because of the junction of the Great Western Road and Camden-Richmond Road.

LLANDILO This area was named after the Welsh town of LLANDILO FAWR, and the original name is due to Saint Teilo, who lived in the 6th century. "Llan" means a church or enclosure.

LONDONDERRY Thirty acres of land was granted to Thomas Kendall in 1831. He called the property "Londonderry".

LUDDENHAM Named after a district in Kent, from a grant of 6710 acres given to John Blaxland in 1813 and named "Luddenham".

MOUNT VERNON The name of Anthony Fern Kemp's grant near the Cabramatta district.

MULGOA Aboriginal word meaning "Black Swan".

REGENTVILLE Named after the estate of Sir John Jamison, who acquired many acres by grant and purchase. A mansion of this name was built on the estate.

ST. MARYS Named after the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene, consecrated in 1840. It was earlier known as South Creek because settlement was originally on the south banks of the creek.

YARRAMUNDI Aboriginal word meaning "Deep Water".

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