This book is designed to assist you in two ways.

To assist you with addresses to whom you can write to for information.

To assist you to understand Census Records and other old records.

Please remember that no one book can ever hope to contain every single bit of information that a Family History Searcher needs; but as most of the entries in this work have stumped me at one time or another, I am sure the book will be of immense assistance.

Please remember, also, that because of the normal evolution of life, an address may change, office bearers pass on and others take their place, pastoral runs become villages, the village grows into a town, the town becomes a city. Then again some towns start off as boom towns, then simply become ghost towns. Soon the only thing to mark their existence is a little deserted cemetery.

Allow for change in your thinking. Mark all envelopes "Please Forward"; for although the address may have changed, the bond of fellowship and goodwill that exists between all Family and Historical Searchers never changes, and somehow the letters always find their correct destination. It is my privilege to have walked my allotted life's steps, the same time span as yours.

James McClelland O.A.M.

Book 49. A Family History Searchers Encyclopedia - 112 pages.
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