IN 1828


In the year 1828, Penrith was not even marked on the maps of the colony. The district on which this book is based was known and referred to as THE DISTRICT OF EVAN, and was officially described as .........


One of the original districts of the Country of Cumberland, NSW bounded on the South side by the BRINGELLY district...on the East side by the SOUTH CREEK to the RICHMOND ROAD...thence by that road to the CHAIN OF PONDS at LARRA'S FARM...and by the RICHMOND COMMON LINE to MATTHEW'S FARM opposite the GROSE RIVER, and on the West side by the NEPEAN RIVER.

In the year 1848, Penrith was appearing on the maps of the colony as a village and was officially described then as.........


A village of New South Wales situated in the Parishes of Castlereagh and Mulgoa. It consists only of one long street which is the Great Western Road, it has 63 houses and a total population of 291: 171 males and 120 females. It has a Protestant Church, a Catholic Church, a Police Barracks and a Court House. The Presbyterian and Wesleyan Church people hold their services in the Court House.

In 1848, the Penrith Police District was roughly the same size as the original district of Evan - it contained 4,120 people and had 728 houses.

EMU, now known as EMU PLAINS, and CASTLEREAGH, had been proclaimed as towns but beyond having a few Inns, had failed to develop. Penrith only really began to develop after the discovery of gold.

This book does not claim to be a complete record of all persons living in the district of Evan in 1828, but great care has been taken to make it as accurate as possible. Family History Researchers will find it very useful as a Time Mark as to whether a person was living in the Penrith district in 1828, or not.

If the book is further dissected by the reader into households and the people employed by them, a very interesting picture of life in the Penrith district in 1828 will emerge.

Book 29. All Persons Living in the Penrith District in 1828 - 37 pages.
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