The following ships arrived during the period covered by this volume and contains the readable names of the persons on board those ships:-

 PROVIDENCE I arrived 02.07.1811           

 ADMIRAL GAMBIER (2) arrived 29.09.1811

 FRIENDS arrived 10.10.1811                    

 GUILDFORD (1) arrived 18.01.1812         

 INDEFATIGABLE (1) arrived 19.10.1812

 MINSTREL (1) arrived 25.10.1812           

 EMU * England at War with America - Captured by Americans.           

 ARCHDUKE CHARLES arrived 16.02.1813 

 FORTUNE (2) arrived 11.06.1813

 EARL SPENCER arrived 09.10.1813          

* NOTE : It is not known what happened to the women who were captured on the EMU. It is most probable that they were released by the Americans. James McClelland, OAM.

UPDATE: It is believed that "The ship Emu in 1812 with 40 female convicts and crew was hijacked by American privateers during the voyage from England to the Colony of New South Wales. The women and crew were left on the sparsely populated Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. After help arrived, they were taken back to England and placed on board the ship Broxbornebury in 1814. With a total of 120 convicts on board, 70 crew, many free families and some well-to-do passengers, the ship set sail for Sydney." Source Elizabath Hook's "Journey to a New Life: The Story of the Ships Emu in 1812 and Broxbornebury in 1814, Including Crew, Female Convicts and Free Passengers on Board".

Book 27. Convicts Arriving in Aust. - 91 pages.
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