N.B. 18O1 - 18O5 Napoleon Bonaparte is busy crushing most of Europe, England cannot spare the warships to escort the Convict ships to protect them from the French Navy on the high seas. So not many Convict ships were able to sail during this period, but as soon as Napoleon is defeated, the number of Convict ships sailing from England to Australia will dramatically increase.

The following ships arrived during the period covered by this volume and contains the readable names of the persons on board those ships. The Jail Clerks who made up the shipping lists so long ago, unfortunately listed some of the ships together, such as Nile, Minorca & Canada; also the ships Coromandel & Perseus; and Coromandel & Experiment.

 ANN I arrived 21.2.1801

 EARL CORNWALLIS arrived 12.06.1801  

 NILE I, MINORCA, CANADA (1) arrived 14.12.1801

 COROMANDEL I (1) arrived 13.06.1802

 PERSEUS arrived 04.08.1802     

 HERCULES I arrived 26.06.1802

 ATLAS I arrived 07.07.1802

 ATLAS II arrived 30.10.1802      

 GLATTON arrived 11.03.1803     

 ROLLA arrived 12.05.1803

 COROMANDEL I (2) arrived 07.05.1804

 EXPERIMENT I arrived 24.06.1804

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