The following ships arrived during the period covered by this volume and contains the readable names of the persons on board those ships:-

 WILLIAM - arrived 10.03.1794

 SURPRISE (2) arrived 25.10.1794

 VICTUALLER arrived 30.11.1794

 SOVEREIGN arrived 05.11.1795  

 MARQUIS CORNWALLIS arrived 11.02.1796      

 INDISPENSABLE arrived 30.04.1796      

 BRITANNIA arrived 27.05.1797   

 GANGES arrived 02.06.1797                

 BARWELL arrived 18.05.1798     

 BRITANNIA arrived 18.07.1798   

 BUFFALO arrived 03.05.1799     

 PORPOISE arrived 03.05.1799    

 HILLSBOROUGH arrived 26.07.1799       

 MINERVA arrived 11.01.1800     

 FRIENDSHIP arrived 16.02.1800  

 SPEEDY arrived 15.04.1800       

 ROYAL ADMIRAL (2) arrived 20.11.1800 

The William and Sovereign carried one convict each, I can find no record of these two names. No record can be found of what the Victualler carried, if any convicts. No records of the lists for the Buffalo, Porpoise, Minerva, or Friendship can be found, but part lists have been assembled from the names available in the 1828 Census.

We are indeed very lucky that the majority of the Convict Ship lists have survived the passage of nearly 200 years, and for this our Nation can be grateful to the dedicated staff of the Public Records Office of London, the Mitchell Library of N.S.W., the State Archives of N.S.W., the National Library of Australia, and the State Libraries and Archives of the various Australian States.

Some names have been difficult to transcribe, however, I have used all my logical knowledge of names to try and get the names correct.

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