This book contains the names of hundreds of convicts, many children, some soldiers and naval men and their wives who died during the first five years of British Settlement in the Colony of New South Wales.

Most of these names will not appear in any other history book, as Census Records only record the names of the living at any particular time.

In the eyes of history, Convict, Soldier, Sailor, Free Man or Woman are all equal; each has played their part in the foundation history of Australia - Our Homeland.

The absolute number of these people who died during the first five years has staggered me. They were buried in a graveyard outside the perimeter of the tent lines in an area which now would roughly be in the vicinity of Gloucester Street, Sydney.

As nature quickly reclaims what is entrusted to her, no evidence of these hundreds of burials has ever been found. This volume is dedicated to the memory of those long forgotten Pioneers.

James McClelland, O.A.M.

Book 23. Convicts Arriving in Aust. - 133 pages.
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